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Da Mario Restaurant
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Da Mario - Gastronomia Napoletana

Tel: 020 7584 9078 - Fax: 020 7823 9026
We are open 7 days a week from 12am to 1am. Last order at 11.30pm
We welcome large parties every evening
Children parties are welcome every afternoon
Dance Floor and Disco music from Tuesday to Sunday morning!

  front entrance of restaurant

This building is a beautiful architectural example produced by the merge of two styles: Venetian and Gothic. The building is 120 years old and was expressively commissioned by Queen Victoria wishing to see something
new from the classical style design so much used in those days

the restaurant
The many disparate items exhibited in
the Restaurant, together with the statues and paintings, make you wonder what
story lays behind..if you have a chance, why do not ask Signor Mario and might discover one or two anecdotes
about him
the restaurant
The purpose of the open kitchen is to make our customers aware that their
order is freshly prepared and custom made on order

view of the kitchen
View of the open kitchen separated by
the dining area by a glass screen
formed by several glass panels
View of the lobby and the restaurant
Panoramic view of the Disco area, with some seating space
Close up of the dancing floor.
Music and dancing start at 10.30 pm
every afternoon this area is available
for private children parties

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