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Da Mario - Gastronomia Napoletana

pizza mario
This Vegetarian Pizza of 50 diameter,
was conceived for the Birthday of an
young Arab customer

pizza frutti di mare
Pizza Frutti di mare was composed
with fresh clams, mussels, finely chopped parsley and dusted
with love and simplicity

pizza napoletana
This Pizza was named "Neapolitan
randez-vous" being the combination
of two Italian traditional basic ingredients
such as pasta (maccheroni) and pizza

Pizza as an expression of art
requires a few extra ingredients
such as: Love, Creativity and Taste.

Pizza Diana oil in canvas
"Pizza Diana" oil on canvas 112x 90 cm by Andre Durand.
"Pizza Diana" was commissioned by Mario Molino in during the summer 1996.
The painting depicts Mario Molino presenting his creation "Pizza Diana" to our
late beloved Princess Diana

The Four Season oil in canvas
"The Four Seasons" oil on canvas 112x90 cm by Andre Durand.
"The Four Seasons" painting was commissioned by Mr Mario Molino in 1993
It depicts Mario with members of his family and other elements close to him
such as his passion for Neapolitan gastronomy, home music, his family and
the enchanting Naples Bay in the background

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